Top 5 Popular Colours in Interior Design to Boost Office Productivity

Top 5 Popular Colours in Interior Design to Boost Office Productivity

Top 5 Popular Colours in Interior Design to Boost Office Productivity

Colour is a brand’s secret power. An important part of interior design is selecting acceptable colours for a facility’s space. Colour has a significant impact on a space and the people who inhabit it. Make the most of it to create a welcoming and productive environment. Colour schemes can communicate a brand’s image, expressing its purpose, mission, and its focus. Colour schemes can also indicate the mood that a brand is trying to convey to its customers, the energy it wants to evoke in its people, and the zones that support different functions. A harmonious combination of colour and texture can be a powerful factor when it comes to commercial interior design. The following five colours will assist anyone who wants to create best office interior design and fit-out and

  • Blue: Blue is always a go-to colour. It sets the tone in the office. On one hand, blue is thought of as a calming and peaceful colour. Whereas, blue rooms tend to make people more productive because they are calm and focused on the task at hand. While dark blues like navy and teal will stimulate clear thinking, lighter, softer shades of blue like sky tones will aid concentration and calm the mind.
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  • Red: You can certainly make a statement with the colour- red in your office. Also, it increases productivity. It helps us to stay engaged and energized all day long. This colour boosts alertness.
  • Green: According to research, low-wavelength colours like green tend to enhance efficiency, focus, and a sense of well-being. We may feel more at ease in new places when we see shades of green. Designers often incorporate this colour in public spaces like restaurants and hotels. While some find green a relaxing colour, others find that it motivates them. Green could also be viewed as a colour with natural plants as it gives rise to high motivational levels.
  • White: The presence of white helps disperses natural light throughout a larger space. It also reduces the power consumed by artificial light. White furniture helps to reflect light rather than absorb it, resulting in a more spacious feeling.
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  • Yellow: The colour yellow stimulates the senses and elicits confidence. It encourages a positive attitude and puts you in the right frame of mind for doing great work. Among the strongest psychological colors, yellow is known to stimulate creativity. If you want to stimulate positivity, creativity, and happiness, incorporate yellow into your design. It is an emotional color that signifies creativity, friendliness, optimism, and confidence.

It is possible to boost productivity through the use of colour. One must choose colours according to what type of business you do. Also, the colour intensity and brightness must be considered. You have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing colorful wall paint for your office. Choose a colour scheme that offers positive impact on your employees and customers to create a positive working environment.

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Written By – Akhila Aji, Performance Coach, Design Infinity.

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