How Interior Fit-out Influences Healthy Learning​?

How Interior Fit-out Influences Healthy Learning​?

How Interior Fit-out Influences Healthy Learning

Have you ever wondered how our brain perceives information from our current settings? It is our immediate surrounding that triggers or motivates us the most. This simple rule applies to students within the four walls of the classroom. Therefore, it is very important for an educational setting to be designed with the care that can support both the students’ learning and the community’s social life. An active learning environment can be supported by interior architectural design in many ways. From the chairs students sit into the colors on the walls, interior architects can actively influence the atmosphere, these components convey its commitment to student success.

1). Lighting – Modern learning and teaching methods are increasingly replacing teacher-centered instruction in schools and universities. This has to be done in the right lighting since our ability to concentrate is closely related to the lighting conditions. In any indoor setting, lighting has a direct impact on the mood and emotions of humans. Research has shown that students learn better in spaces with brighter lighting. Having bright lights in a classroom has proven to boost academic performance and reduce stress. The visual aspect is a crucial factor that contributes to the learning pattern.

2). Acoustics – It is crucial to have an excellent acoustic system for every learning environment. This will facilitate good communication between teachers and students. This also helps teachers to maintain their indoor voice and it fosters the advancement of the teacher’s health. Hence, it is vital to use good sound-absorbing materials which help to craft healthy learning spaces. Generally, screens mounted on walls are effective at improving acoustics.

3). Zoning and Flexibility – As globalization and rapid advancements in technology continue to transform lives educational spaces needs to be modified into spaces that are collaborative and flexible for learners to ignite their young minds. Designers must look for ways to create breakout spaces instead of a static classroom filled with individual desks. It is possible to create breakout areas in any shared space, including common rooms, libraries, foyers, and even hallways. What was once a transitional space can now serve as a productive learning space.

The use of innovative concepts in interior design can help students achieve greater success in the classroom. Architects can use furniture, lighting, acoustics, and technology for a classroom renovation. A properly designed interior will maximize the budget for your renovations and result in learning and teaching environments that students and teachers will enjoy.  A connected classroom integrates pedagogy, space, and standards of instruction for every space of the campus, and our architects provide an architectural directive that ties the campus together. The infrastructure of school buildings must accommodate learners, performers, and engage in productive activities since school buildings are intended to support multiple activities.

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Written By – Akhila Aji, Performance Coach, Design Infinity.

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