7 Interior design tips to improve your work from home productivity
Flexible furniture

7 Interior design tips to improve your work from home productivity

7 Interior design tips to improve your work from home productivity

The year 2020 has somehow diminished the boundary of your working zone and your house. With recent pandemic times we have seen more and more companies gravitating towards the idea of Work from home (WFH) for their employees.
There are days when you love working from home but there are days it can be too distracting. On the whole to ensure that we get maximum output even when we work from home, we can take note of the below Interior design tips to improve work from home productivity

1. Natural lighting–

Try making your home office in a place where you get enough bright natural lighting. Your working zone near a window would be an ideal scenario to get maximum use of natural lighting.

Natural lighting

2. Statement lighting –
In case you can’t get enough natural lighting, a statement pendant light will enhance your desk space while adding a chic element to your corner.

Statement lighting

3. Flexible furniture –
If you have space constraints, use of foldable desks, chairs etc. will give full space optimization during non-working hours.

Flexible furniture

4. The work desk
Even if you are working from home, keep the habit of working on a desk as it is ideal for your productivity. Avoid slouching on a sofa or a couch as it doesn’t provide good ergonomics for your body while working and generally gives an efficiency to have a good work attitude. The working desk could be anything from your kitchen table or a flexible lap desk from Ikea. Additionally, a good ergonomic chair can make the long working hours comfortable.

Interior Design

5. Storage / filing cabinet –
Have plenty of closed storage (preferable movable) near your desks. This would mainly be for organizing your paperwork, to avoid mixing of your important work documents with your house bills etc.
The walls adjacent to the desks can also be used for wall hung storage units, pinup boards for important notes, etc. Metal grill wall organizer above the desk can be helpful to keep various office supplies handy for you to use.

Storage / filing cabinet

6. Cheerful workspace –
The most important point to consider when WFH is that your work zone should be the space that encourages you to be active and happy.
Keeping a neutral palette for the furniture will help you blend the furniture with any surrounding home décor.
Keeping photos of your loved-on ones on your desk or a small planter around your desk will give a pleasant touch to your work zone.


7. Handy supplies –
It is better to have all the work supplies you would normally require in office –like pens, staplers, markers, notebook and planner etc. at your arm’s length for smooth operation of work. Make sure that these accessories are properly placed or stacked so that they don’t become a visual clutter during your zoom meetings.

Handy supplies

In addition to the above it is important to have a good WIFI for your checking and sending mails and for all the zoom meetings etc.

Written By – Sonal Jakkal, Senior Architect, Design Infinity.

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