3 Modern space-saving Interior design ideas for your office

3 Modern space-saving Interior design ideas for your office

3 Modern space saving Interior design ideas for your office

Looking for creative yet clever storage hacks? No matter how many do-it-yourself videos you watch or articles you read, unless you get items organized your office/workspace will always feel cluttered and disorganized. But with some clever thinking, you can create a more organized space. Keep reading to find out how do interior designers save space?

1.) Floating Shelves

Spruce up the dusty corner and bring it to purpose with floating wood shelves. They can be used to utilize space around corners or behind doors. Create it in such a corner that looks like a statement wall. It is more convenient to store items you use frequently on the shelf rather than piling them in cabinets. Floating shelves have a simple yet functional design and they can be very useful in every space. These floating shelves provide more storage space in places where it would otherwise not be possible to store items. Overall they create storage spaces that look cleaner, more organized, and classy.

2.) Multifunctional furniture

There are two things clear about multipurpose furniture: it saves you space and it saves you money! To maximize your office fit-out space, you should consider choosing multi-functional furniture that fits both your needs and your budget. This will help you make the most out of the space you have. For instance, to serve as a storage bench and footrest, poufs double as a coffee table, footrests, and extra seating. They are soft and easy to move around, making them ideal for work environments.

3.) Recycled bottles for storage

Recycling saves energy and every conscious act taken towards reducing greenhouse gases is a step towards sustainability. Recycling bottles for storing coloring pens and pencils is a clever hack to save a lot of desk space. Recycled bottles can also be used to pot plants and not only do indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space, but they’ve been shown to brighten your mood, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants. Indoor plants are an overall reduction of stress and improvement of calmness and wellbeing.

Rather than relying on a single storage solution, use a diverse array of options to stay organized. Having a specific area to house different things that you use throughout your working day will make it easy to remember what to look for. Using a variety of storage options will allow you to customize your office to reflect your style. The storage hacks in this article will help you keep your workspace tidy and organized. When choosing storage options for your office, be sure to find the perfect balance between the design of the space and your storage needs. An important decision in any design project revolves around selecting furniture that will either drastically change the aesthetics, functionality, or ergonomics of the space.

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Written By – Akhila Aji, Performance Coach, Design Infinity.

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