Ways to Improve Employee Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Ways to Improve Employee Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Ways to Improve Employee Mental Well-being in the Workplace

As rightly said “Tough times never last, but tough people do!” — by Robert Schuller. Research has found that there’s a deep link between employee well-being and organizational results such as employee turnover, employee performance, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction. And in a world where organizations are fighting to keep their boat afloat, now is the time to invest in well-being at work. Employee wellbeing doesn’t need to be costly. Minimal investment can produce effective results. The world has seen devastating after-effects of terror attacks, the Covid -19 pandemic, natural calamities, etc. That’s is why people are even more vigilant about mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Amongst such uncertainties, Design Infinity marches towards the well-being of its most valuable asset the Team members. Let us tell you how:

  1. 1. Team Spirit – The people in the organization combine forces to work towards a greater goal. Increased trust amongst teammates leads to increased motivation, better professional relationships, and higher morale. If you have a great team spirit in your organization, the possibilities are endless.
  2. 2. Green Interior design at workplace – A productive workspace with indoor plants improves our mental health, and work performance. The presence of plants in an office space can probably result in a positive change in the psychosocial workplace. It promotes creativity, collaboration, and focused working with an intelligent office design.

3Promoting well-being – Smart employers know that organizations perform better when staff is healthy, motivated and focused. Design-infinity builds as much flexibility as possible into all employees’ schedules. Designated areas for leisure activities. Rules for using vacation time mindfully rather than accumulating.

4. In-house performance coach – Performance coaching helps employees to develop new skills. It helps in setting practical, realistic goals which is the best way to help the team meet milestones and grow both professionally and personally. Continuous feedback and active listening add up for employee holistic development.

5. A culture of openness – Speaking regularly with team members and easy access to the management is a culture practiced at Design-infinity which in turn promotes open dialogue and embed positive attitudes and behavior within the organization.

6. Keeping junk food away from the desk – What we eat fuels our day in the office. Design-Infinity has thus made a conscious effort to feel energized, focused, and positive, in maintaining a nutritious, balanced diet. Moderation is key when it comes to eating sensibly, and one can achieve this by paying attention to what we eat in our main meals, and avoiding eating and munching junk food at office desks.

Thereby, mental well-being in the workplace is critical to employee care. Poor mental health and stress can negatively affect employee job performance, engagement, and communication with colleagues as well as organizational goals. Now is the time for businesses to look at their current approach to employee well-being and make improvements where necessary. It is possible to eradicate the stigma that currently exists in the workplace by creating an open culture and introducing measures to support employee wellbeing. By prioritizing mental health, employers could see a huge transformation in staff engagement, retention, and even productivity.  

Written By – Akhila Aji, Performance Coach, Design Infinity.

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