Office Fit-outs; The Changing Dynamics​

Office Fit-outs; The Changing Dynamics​

Office Fit-outs; The Changing Dynamics

The dramatic change of events all around the world in 2020 has turned the world upside down, the pandemic has forced us to reconsider the world around us, not only the way we act, socialize, travel or engage with people but also the way we work and the workspace has to adapt with the new normal.

It is a huge responsibility and challenge for the Interior Design and office Fit-out industry to provide a safe but interactive workspace not only resistant to the current situation but any unforeseen future challenges.
The current situation and lockdown in various parts of the word have made organizations and companies realize that an employee can be physically unavailable but digitally fully competent in meeting deadlines, liaise with colleague, meet clients and close business deals. Adapting to this changing market, the interior designers can safely predict that the future office Fit-out industry will be driven and dictated by technology.
Many surveys worldwide suggest that a better working environment has increased the productivity of employees by a considerable percentage. A large percentage of employees suggested they would throw less sick leave if the office environment was more inspiring and
almost 40 days’ worth of productivity per year is lost only due to sickness.
Valuing Health and safety of the employees and providing them with safe workspace should be the priority of every organization not only limited to COVID 19 but also by concentrating on providing

Office Fit out the Changing dynamics

1. Better air quality and natural light in the work space.
2. Reduction in office pollutants, using easy to clean, sanitize and maintain flooring ceiling and furniture.
3. Using anti spill, anti-bacterial fabrics.
4. Using sneeze guards and shields in close working areas.
5. Providing ample break out area not limited to pantry and canteen.
6. Recognize the importance of living close to nature by introducing biophilic office
7. Biometric access controls, virtual reality meetings.
8. Ventilation and air purifying systems, with noise reducing acoustic elements.
9. Automatic touchless sensor doors.

Safety measures to be taken during office fit out

The office fit out industry worldwide has a big role to play in making the workspaces safe, adaptive, futuristic and ultra-flexible. To introduce designs that implement safety and wellbeing without forcing isolation. Utmost creativity and foresightedness are required from the interior designers to concentrate on the core work station areas and break out areas to give the staff an ample opportunity to mingle and socialise safely. AL’s the interior fit out industry has to come up with solutions for already fitted offices and workspaces to give the safety they require with minimum refurbishments.
With an intention to accommodate the requirements to the occupants, understanding the current need and applying foresightedness, the interior design industry will survive and thrive and adapt and master this new face of workspace environments, which we are all in the early stage of processing.

Written By – Shoaib Ansari, Business Development Manager, Design Infinity.

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