12 Tips for a successful office fit-out

12 Tips for a successful office fit-out

12 Tips for a successful office fit-out

If you wanted to expand a more professional image of your company, simply scale an office to the current size of your staff or carry out some work-space redesign, we are aware that a new office fit-out is a huge decision. It is essential always to think what would work best for the business, staff and customers. Office fit-outs can be an arduous experience with all the various factors from the time taken to plan your office fit-out, to ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Your next workplace fit out will however be an exciting challenge for your company to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your office space.

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Implementing the new office fit-out would allow to create a whole new look and feel that will enhance your team’s efficiency, giving your stakeholders the best of impressions. Check out Design-Infinity’s a Dubai based Interior designs 12 tips for a successful office fit-out.

1. Team work & planning

All of the office fit-out ideas begin with the meticulous preparation required to ensure that the office fit-out is done in accordance with your vision and schedule for the first time. Successful project management of the Fit-out Office relies on close working collaboration with the project manager of the Fit-out Office. Brainstorm what the fundamentals of your new office entail. Create a list of ‘must have’ and ‘optional’. Involve the team members to be part of the process. This encourages cooperation and can also offer insightful insight into a ‘must-have’ that you may have overlooked.

2. Budget

Well, budget plays an important role in refurbishing the office. How much of the money is in the jar? Think in any detail. This is one of the most critical things you need to ask yourself to be realistic. And if the budget is modest, it is possible to make it work and produce a wonderful end result.

3. Branding

What does your Exclusive BUSINESS do? Includes the corporate colours and brand or logo with the possible and where possible be creative. You want visitors and staff to see what you stand and what you stand to know!

4. Space & Color Schemes

Take into consideration the room you’re dealing in. In the beginning, an empty office might look massive, however once you start adding furniture, a boardroom, a kitchen, and more, the big space will soon seem insignificant. Consider the footprint of each addition to your workplace when considering your office fit-out ideas. However, it is necessary to understand the practicality, end-use and room considerations that these additions would provide for your office. Can the importance they bring to your office’s fit-out outweigh the possible lack of room for other places of your office? Work with the designer to select a colour scheme that is soft, welcoming and up-to-date. Darker colours will make your office look smaller, while choosing a brighter colour palette will creatively free up your office. If you’re searching for a tiny workplace fit-out or dealing in a bigger office room, choosing the right colour palette has been proven to boost staff cohesion and increase productivity.

5. Technology

Make sure the technology department is active in the workplace fit-out. Your IT experts are in the right place to consult on what they need now and what they may need in the future. Work with the systems engineer and discreetly hide cables to enhance the tranquilly and flow of your office room. Where cables cannot be hidden in the ceilings and walls

6. Brand Awareness 

Incorporate the concepts of your brand into your workplace fit-out. Just like your website is your online presence, your office can connect and show your brand to any new client you visit. Work with colour and signage to keep the name at the center of your office space. Consider the subtle details, while they may not be immediately visible, they can help to create a feel for your company, not just for your staff, but also for your clients.

7. Furniture

Choosing the best furniture for your office furniture when there are potentially thousands of options available can be a challenging task. Choose furniture that is durable, that should be practical but still strong enough to survive everyday use. The right furniture should feel right in your room, not too big, not too little. Have the team members test various solutions to see which parts are the most ergonomic. The best office chair can guarantee that your staff members will function easily at their desk with minimal to no pressure. Choose furniture that will serve to minimize noise emissions as this will reduce stress and discomfort on the staff.

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8. Vision of Future

It’s important to remember not just your business needs now, but what they might be, one, five, ten years into the future while preparing your office ideas. Is your company expected to take on new staff members in the near future? Will your company taking on new projects that will need a more open workspace? Future-proofing your office now might save your company precious time.

9. Pay attention to the lighting 

Lighting may have an effect on success, fitness, mood, well-being and depression. Take a walk through the office and take note of places that are not getting enough sun. Natural light is desirable, but this is not feasible for all spaces, particularly indoor offices and cubicles. Consider obtaining overhead lights that mimic natural light or sunshine desk lamps for these rooms.

10. Introduce greenery

In addition to environmental protection, putting your workers in the workplace will make your employees less distracted, more active, improve morale and also help to retain memory.

11. Include a Fun Space

For a new generation entering the workforce, certain demands have been placed into the workplace for consideration. One of the latest developments is to add games and leisure areas to the offices. Adding a video game room, a dart board, or table tennis are all smart concepts that will keep employees relaxed and energized.

12. Think Green & Sustainable

Substantial research has found that ‘green workplaces’ increase performance thanks to increased staff morale and reduced operating costs. Criteria that you need to keep in mind are clean places, water conservation, and optimized energy performance, and minimized energy consumption, use of recycled materials, waste control and indoor environmental quality.

We’ve put together 12 tips for a great workplace fit-out. So, read on and then get in contact with us to explore how we will work with you to make a good workplace fit-out. Design-Infinity is one of the most booming Interior design firm in Dubai. With Design-infinity you are not only choosing the best interior design firm but also a contractor, a partner who will only implement your ideas but collaborate with you and others on your team.

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