Design and Build

The ‘Design and Build’ delivery approach has become the expertise of Design Infinity, gained through extensive knowledge and years of experience in successfully delivering projects in UAE.
We have an in-house group of Architects and Engineers that ensure the delivery of value added solutions from Interior Design, MEP Design to Interior Construction.
Our creative design team never compromises the aesthetic integrity of a project. We seek the best possible design options based on the vision we gathered from our clients and convert it to conceptual sketches until we generate a well space planned layout and realistic 3D renderings.
Once design is agreed, our qualified Engineers come up with a budget proposal for clients review. Minor alterations are made to ensure client satisfaction.
Upon approval, project is initiated. Under the Design and Build approach, Design infinity becomes responsible for co-ordination of the design submission between the various disciplines. A dedicated and experienced Project Manager will be on-board from beginning to handing over the project, working closely with our in-house designer and client, assuring that the project adheres to the approved design and working within the budget and stipulated timeline.
We pride ourselves in being an award winning Design and Build Company in the industry, backed by a solid reputation of excellent service and a professional team dedicated in delivering meaningful results to clients and providing customer support that exceeds market demands.