Why Design Infinity?

Innovation is what we stand for. We are always thinking. Constantly researching new ideas. Continuously applying the knowledge we gain. That translates to benefits for all our stakeholders.

We solve the design puzzle. We overcome its constraints. We bring forth simple, elegant creations. With us, you can melt away all concerns and rely totally on us for the best budgets, sustainable measures, material choices and functional needs to suit your requirement.

Our designs speak for us. The spaces we create exude freshness and brightness. They stimulate from the very first glance. And they comply with standards of safety, reliability, ergonomics and functionality.

Our Team

Every member of our team – our greatest strength – is a skilled professional. It consists of Architects, Designers, Supervisors and the technical team. Each one is an expert in the field, with valuable experience in providing creative interior design and project management solutions.

We keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry. We conduct regular training to ensure the team stays up-to-date with HVAC, MEP, Green Building Concepts, Structure, Fire & Safety and so on. That also includes spiritual elements such as Vastu. If it is related to the field, we make sure we know about it.